Photo of woman at a bus stop reading scripture verses from her Keywi Brand Keychain Flashcards

Read about how the Keywi™ project came to be, the meaning of the Keywi™ symbol, and find information about the Company’s beliefs and eternal life in Jesus Christ.

The Keywi™ Story

Photo of young woman studying

Roughly ten years ago, my busy college schedule of classes, studies, and work meant that free time was absolutely precious to me. Struggling to find a balance between all my commitments, I attempted many different methods of studying on the go.

One day I decided to prepare for a Physiology exam while on my bus commute to class. Engrossed in my notes, I was startled when the bus lurched to a halt. Glancing up, I suddenly realized it was my stop and I hurried to collect all my things. I haphazardly stuffed my textbook and binder into my backpack while several stray papers slid across the floor. A fellow student reached down to help me retrieve my now crumpled notes. Thanking him over my shoulder, I jumped off the bus and rushed to class. Shaking my head, I couldn’t help but see a little humor in my latest studying strategy. What a sight I had to be jogging up the sidewalk with my backpack half-zipped and disheveled papers clutched in my arms. Studying on the bus seemed like a perfectly good way to spend my time, but that meant I always had to lug around my textbook and notes wherever I went.

Perhaps by necessity, I eventually perfected the art of studying during my free time. I simply kept a set of ring-bound flashcards with me wherever I went. This way there was no need for heavy textbooks or cumbersome pages of notes. With the cards with me always on hand, I could easily memorize a card or two as I walked or sat on the bus. I had never been good at memorization, but breaking up the task in this simple way really helped. I was amazed at all the unexpected free moments I found throughout my day and surprised by how much material I was able to cover just by making use of those brief moments.

Besides using my free time to study, it dawned on me to make use of that time to uplift my spirit. As a Christian, I had always had the desire to learn and memorize more scripture. Unfortunately, how to go about that in a practical, intentional way had always eluded me. I was going through a period in my life where I was really seeking God’s will for my future and I was especially motivated to stand on the solid ground of God’s promises rather than linger in a state of fear and doubt. And then the thought struck me: why not carry around some memory verses to encourage me throughout the day?

The Keywi™ is Born

Photo of the original handmade Keywi: index cards on a keychain with bible verses

After months of carrying around ring-bound flashcards in college, I decided to make a few changes of my own. Being able to study on the go was a definite plus, but there were a few problems with the flashcards I bought in stores. The ring the cards came with was much too flimsy for carrying around on my keys or snapped to my backpack. After a dozen or so times of losing all my cards because the ring pulled open, I switched to a sturdier carabiner. In addition, I taped a rubber band to the back card so I could keep the cards in a neat stack when I wasn’t using them. I used duct tape and a thin rubber band that eventually broke, but for the time I used the first “keywi™” cards they served me well! From much use and being transported on my keys everywhere, the card edges got a little worn and discolored, but the trade-off was that I actually put to memory some encouraging verses that really applied to my life.

One in particular I had the foresight to date: “10-6-03” Psalm 138:8 “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever, do not abandon the works of Your hands.” (NIV ’83) It was the only card I dated. I believe at the time I was hoping to look back at that date someday and see the fulfillment of God’s purpose over my life, because in that moment I was truly at a loss for what to do next.

With the cards always with me as I went about my day, I was amazed at all the extra time I found to memorize the verses. Time spent waiting in line and various breaks throughout my day found a new purpose…in a very real sense, time that normally was idle time was redeemed! I was encouraged at my progress and my faith was bolstered by the constant meditation on truth this new method provided me.

Photo banner showing a mountain jungle scene in Costa Rica

The Keywi™ Goes to Costa Rica

Photo of a young Costa Rican girl
One of the girls at the school
who helped us paint during our
mission trip

Years before launching the Keywi™ project, I traveled to Costa Rica with my church for a short-term mission trip. I had just finished graduate school and I was anxious to be out of the classroom and immersed in an overseas adventure! Nevertheless, despite the change of scenery and long-distance location, my studious habits still traveled with me. In preparation for the trip I made up a new ring-bound set of flashcards with Bible verses in Spanish. I wanted to have some familiarity with God’s word in the Costa Rican native tongue. All my years in Spanish classes had focused on things like where to find the bathroom or directions to a hospital... but if someone were to ask me about Jesus or to pray for them, I wanted to be prepared for that too!

While on the trip, we had a blast visiting orphans, painting churches and schools, and hosting an outreach at a new church site complete with face painting and live music. We also traveled to Ometepe, a volcanic island on Lake Nicaragua. While on the ferry there, an American woman informed me that the island was not only volcanic, but one of the top active volcanic islands in the world! "Oh yes," she told me "back in 2004 we had to evacuate the island because of all the smoke!" A little unnerved at the news, I tried to suppress my imagination of bursts of flames flying through the air and molten lava careening down the mountainside. Fortunately, the volcano was not really an immediate threat. Instead, it was the scorpions in the end which terrorized our group!

Late one night, I was elected to venture out of our little bungalow to find a doctor for our friend who was continually throwing-up. En route, a scorpion stung me in the dark, causing my entire arm to swell for a few days! Later on, one of our companions discovered a pregnant scorpion in his suitcase. Apparently "Bertha," as he affectionately named her, had just given birth to a dozen tiny scorpions in his socks.

Photo of Michael and David sharing experiences with Teen Challenge on our last night in Costa Rica
Michael and David sharing experiences
with Teen Challenge over dinner our
last night in Costa Rica

Besides discovering what type of home remedy to use on scorpion stings, I also had the opportunity towards the end of the trip to encourage David, a new friend from San Jose. David had recently been through Teen Challenge and delivered from addiction. He expressed that he was going through a difficult time in his life and feeling very attacked and discouraged. I translated a conversation between him and an American friend of mine, Michael, who had also been delivered from addiction and had gone through the Teen Challenge program. Michael encouraged him to stay strong and faithful to the Lord even in the midst of doubt and discouragement. Mike quoted Revelation 2:4-5 where Jesus admonished the church at Ephesus: "you have forsaken your first love...repent and do the things you did at first." He urged David to go back to doing what he first did when he met Jesus. I could tell that David was truly inspired and blessed by Mike's words as well as the fellowship he felt with someone who had met and overcome similar challenges.

Before leaving, I gave David my “Keywi™” pack of flashcards with all the Spanish verses I had memorized. I hoped it would encourage him to stay committed to God’s truth and inspire him to continue on the path God had prepared for him.

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